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Artist and Rapper “Shock G” Dies At Age 57

Artist Shock G, also known as Gregory Jacobs, died just April 22nd of 2021. He was found dead in a hotel in Tampa, Florida. The cause of his death was never announced.

A Little Background

Shock G was a rapper who was born in Brooklyn, New York but was raised in Oakland, California. Shock G, along with a rapper named Money B created a group called the “Digital Underground.” When rapper and artist Tupac Shakur moved to Oakland, he already had his mind set on becoming a rapper. Shock G found interest in Tupac’s style of rapping and offered him a spot on Digital Underground. Tupac, being 17 with no source of income, accepted this offer. After this, Shock G and Money B made a few popular songs featuring Tupac, one of which is named “Same Song.” Tupac requested that they would let him do his own thing and have his own song, and Shock G accepted. The song “I Get Around” was the song that Shock G, Money B, and Tupac were all in. This was Tupac’s second ever hit and was what made him the person he was. Another one of his songs which is personally one of my favorites is “Wussup Wit the Luv,” which wasn’t a song that got popular, but had a good flow. His most popular song however, was “The Humpty Dance.”


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